Our Mission

Inclusive education is mandated across Canada. It is an effective approach and a human right, yet we still do not implement it as effectively as we could. This partnership is creating knowledge and disseminating it across the country to increase the ability for the educational community to ensure successful academic and social outcomes for all students. We are collaborating to ensure that the fundamental human right of education is provided to even the most vulnerable students in our society. This builds the character of all and contributes to our truly Canadian understanding of inclusion.

The classroom is a microcosm of society. To create a context where all are valued, we must implement inclusion well. The most dangerous situation occurs when students with exceptionalities are placed in regular classrooms, but are not included. This sends the message that inclusion does not work and harms those who are most vulnerable. This partnership reinforces the message that all members of our society are valued and can co-exist - it strengthens the very fabric of our inclusive Canadian society.