Selected Presentations

The following is a list of selected presentations made by members of the Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education in 2016. Graduate students' names are underlined; facvulty members' names are bolded.

Multiple Presentations at Conferences and Meetings

Canadian Society for Studies in Education, May 2016, Calgary, AB

Childs, R., Calder Stegemann, K., Harkins, M. J., & Hecker, K.   Are we admitting the right teacher candidates? The future of admission processes for teacher education programs. Invited panel presentation.

de Lugt, J. S. & Hutchinson, N.   The interrelatedness of mental health and reading ability: What do we know?

Sider, S., Maich, K., & Morvan, J.   School principals and students with special education needs: Leading inclusive schools. Multi-paper presentation. Selected as President’s Spotlight Session.

Young, G., & Careen, C.   Using assistive technology within the framework of Universal Design for Learning in inclusive elementary schools.

Kilborn, M., Cameron, E., McGowan, E., & Young, G.   Healthy active living in Labrador: Supporting wellness for children and youth.

Council for Exceptional Children, December 2016, Toronto, ON

Bennett, S., Gallagher, T., & Kipfer, A. (2016, December).  From Segregation to Inclusion: The Changing Role of Educational Assistants in a Transitional Process.

Gallagher, T., & Bennett, S.   The Six ‘P’ Model: Principles of Inclusive Practice for Inclusion Coaches.

Ismailos, L. Perceptions of the effectiveness of a Post-Secondary School transition program for students with accommodations.  Poster presentation.

Jahnke, J, Maich, K. & Rutherford, C. Assistive technology training for students with intellectual disability in an inclusive, post-secondary program.

Mallabar, S., Maich, K., Hall, C., & Van Reenan, T. Stay, play, and talk (phase IV): A peer-mediated social skills program for children with ASD.

Maich, K. & Henning, M. An introduction to assistive technology tools for learning. Poster presentation.

Laboratoire International sur l’inclusion Scolaire, Oct. 2016, Lausanne

AuCoin, A.    Inclusion scolaire: racontée par ceux qui la vivent. Point de vue des acteurs scolaires, des élèves et des parents du Nouveau-Brunswick. ( Inclusive education: told by those who live it: Perspective of the school actors, students and parents in New Brunswick.

Leblanc, M., Paré, M., Prud'homme, L. et Fillion, P. L. Pratiques de différenciation pédagogique d’enseignantes du primaire au Canada. (Practices of pedagogical differentiation of female teachers in primary grades in Canada.)

National Institute for Learning Development, April 2016, Toronto, ON

Maich, K., & Henning, M.   Apps for literacy accommodations: the basics.

Maich, K., & Henning, M. Successful and effective behaviour change. Keynote presentation.

Maich, K., & Mallabar, S.   Visual strategies for supporting students with ASD. Keynote Presentation.

Sider, S., & Maich, K.   Leadership for special education.

Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools, October 2016, Cambridge, ON

Maich, K.   Apps for literacy accommodations: the basics.

Maich, K., & Henning, M.  Successful and effective behaviour change.

Single Presentations at Conferences and Meetings

AuCoin, A. (2016, avril). Des soins attentifs qui peuvent faire toute une différence!  An approach that makes all the difference! Présentée au 6 e Congrès biennal du Comité québécois pour les jeunes en difficulté de comportement, Québec. 

de Lugt, J. S. (2016, July). Unpacking the relationship between learning to read and mental health: Using an ethnographic case study approach. Presented at the First International Symposium on Qualitative Research, Porto, Portugal.

Howrey, K., McGhie-Richmond, D., Specht, J., & Young, G. (2016, January). AT in the ‘Lawless’ Society. Assistive Technology Industry Association, Orlando, FL.

Jahnke, J., & Maich, K. (2016, April). Assistive technology training for students with intellectual disabilities in an inclusive post-secondary program and its effects on independence and academic outcomes. Presentation for Inspiring Minds: Engagement, Inclusion, & Emerging Pedagogy, Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON.

Loreman, T. (2016, November). Co-operation as guiding principle for inclusive education and school development in diverse environments. Closing keynote at the Inclusion and Diversity Week, University of Siegen, Siegen, Germany.

Loreman, T. (2016, January). The bumpy road from inclusive education policy to practice: Rhetoric versus reality. Opening keynote address at the International Conference on Inclusive Education , Pune, India.

Metsala, J.L. & Moriarty, K. (2016, July). Increasingly collaborative: School psychologists’ role concerning students with or at-risk for learning disabilities. International School Psychology Association, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Metsala, J.L. & David, M.D. (2016, April.)   A dose-response analysis of associations between phonological processing and reading in students with reading disabilities. Paper presented as part of a symposium: Re-conceptualizing Individual Differences in Reading, at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, Washington, DC.

Sider, S., Maich, K., Morvan, J., & Specht, J. (2016, October). Principals and inclusion: Case studies for professional learning in Ontario. Case reviews with Principals’ Qualification Program Instructors, Ontario College of Teachers, Toronto, ON.