Dr. M. Lynn Aylward

Dr.  M. Lynn Aylward

Dr. M. Lynn Aylward (Professor, Acadia University, Nova Scotia) collaborates with community advocacy groups (e.g., People First, Learning Disabilities Association). Her research is in the areas of teacher education and postsecondary education with a focus on how we construct the category of "dis/ability".

Dr. Aylward is Professor and Ph.D. Co-ordinator in the School of Education at Acadia University. Throughout her 25 plus years in education as a teacher, researcher, curriculum developer and teacher educator, her research and teaching have examined the intersections of social difference and equity within educational policies and practices. She has lived and worked in western, central and eastern Canada in addition to coordinating community based teacher education programs in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. A cornerstone of Dr. Aylward’s professional practice is community engagement through collaboration and partnerships.

Research Interests

  • Inclusive Schooling
  • Disability Studies in Education
  • Indigenous Education
  • Gender and Rurality