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Journals:  Access to issues of Exceptionality Education International

Publications:   Topics include Covid-19 challenges; educator development; effective inclusion in schools

Research Briefs:  From grant-funded research. Topics include:

  • Educational leadership
  • Effective teachers
  • Student experiences
  • Parent perspectives
  • Community and Inclusion
  • Classroom observation scale 

 Resources: A rich array of online and media-based information. Scroll through for: 

  • Documentary (22 minutes) The Case of Luke Elwood
  • Video series and toolkit:  Building Inclusive Schools 
  • Interactive Case Studies for School Leaders
  • Research report: If Inclusion Means Everyone, Why Not Me?
  • Publication: Exploring Leadership Practices through Case Inquiry

 Featured Resource: Building Inclusive Schools Video Series 

Building Inclusive Schools - RSEKN Logo

toolkit accompanies this four-part video series on Building Inclusive Schools exposing the barriers and intersectional challenges that students face in schools today. The four central pillars that the videos demonstrate are racial exclusion, income inequality, gender exclusion, and disability exclusion. The videos and toolkit help viewers to familiarize themselves with the inequalities, exclusions, and complex situations students in Ontario experience. It opens the opportunity to analyze how to collaboratively shift a school’s culture to become more inclusive.

Click here for the Building Inclusive Schools toolkit in PDF.