Selected Presentations

The following is a list of selected presentations made by members of the Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education in 2019. Note: faculty members' names appear in bold type, graduate student names are underlined.

Presentations at Conferences and Meetings

American Educational Research Association, April 2019, Toronto, ON:

The Beginning Teacher Study research team was well represented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2019 conference. Our invited AERA Symposium was titled "An Overview of Recent Canadian Research in Educational Psychology".

Members presented summaries of current research projects that are being undertaken by members across the country. Topics included furthering our understanding of anxiety as experienced by students in order to promote teachers’ capacities to improve the mental health experience of students;the examination of a universal school-based program for promoting mental health literacy; concept mapping of the experiences of pre-service teachers in the acquisition of inclusive classroom practices; an exploration of the relationships among beliefs, self-efficacy, organizational support, and the school journey with respect to differentiated instruction from the perspective of school administrators;  an examination of how students develop comprehension with text that contains both verbal and visual information.

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Canadian Society for Studies in Education, June 2019, Vancouver, BC:

Several members of the Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education travelled to Vancouver in June. Papers presented incude:

Bennett, S., Gallagher, T., & Somma, M. The Inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities: Parent perspectives.

Thompson, S. Family-professional partnerships and Autism Spectrum Disorder: An arts-based educational research project as an inclusive pedagogy.

Lau, T. Z., & Nowicki, E.  Why are children with learning difficulties socially excluded? A group concept mapping study with third- and fourth-graders.

MacCormack, J. Pre-service teachers' practicum stress, beliefs about teaching and inclusive practices, and executive functions.

de Lugt, R.  This is not what I signed up for—I'm a teacher, not a therapist: A teacher's role in supporting student mental health.

Bertrand, J., Butler, E., Fesseha, E., Maich, K., McCuaig, K. McLean, C., Pelletier, J. Penney, S., Philpott, D., & Young, G. CAEP-ACP Symposium-Panel: Quality early childhood education and the need for special education services.

Matheson, I., & Robinson, K. Supporting students with high-Incidence hidden exceptionalities through non-academic intervention.

Butler, E., Penney, S., & Young, G.  Children as researchers: Learning from children's art on inclusion.

Edwards, K., & Nowicki, E. Peers' thoughts towards the rejection of children with behavioural difficulties.



International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IASSID) World Congress, August, Glasgow, UK

Dr. Scott Thompson organized a symposium at the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IASSIDD) conference. The research was shared with the international audience as were the songs of beginning teachers written by Dr. Thompson based on the words   of our participants. The Arts-based research was well received. Also at IASSIDD,    Dr. Sheila Bennett, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Jacqueline Specht participated in a round table discussion with other countries on the inclusion of students with developmental disabilities in secondary school and academically dense content areas.Papers presented at IASSIDD were:

Thompson, S. A. & Howell, G.  Bringing voice to efficacy and beliefs of beginning teachers for inclusive practice. 

Specht, J., Vanderloon, M., Fairbrother, M., Whitley, J., & Charles, E.  Inclusive education in Canada. 

Bennett, S. Ismailos, L., Gallagher, T., Lau, T. Z., & Villella, M.  Concept mapping: Efficacy and beliefs of beginning teachers for inclusive practice. 

Specht, J., Bennett, S., & Thompson, S.A.  Beginning teacher study: Implications for the development of inclusive practice.


European Congress of Educational Research, September 2019, Hamburg Germany

In   September, we presented at the European Congress of Educational Research. Dr. Donna McGhie Richmond from University of Victoria and  Dr.  Jacqueline  Specht have partnered with Dr. Susanne Miesera from Technical University of Munich to compare how our Canadian beginning teachers and theirs view experiences in contributing to the development of inclusive practice. Presentation title:

Miesera, S., Specht, J., McGhie-Richmond, D., & Weidenhiller, P. Beliefs and self-efficacy of prospective teachers regarding inclusive teaching: An international comparison. 


Council for Exceptional Children, November 2019, Toronto, ON

The theme of the 2019 conference was "Enhancing learning and life outcomes for students with special education needs. Highlights of this event were update sprovided by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and the Special Education Awards luncheon. Several of our members presented papers as well. These include:

Ismailos, L., & Gallagher, T.  Collaborative testing for students with special needs.

Maich, K., Young, G., Penney, S., & Butler, EExamining the pre-emptive impact of quality early childhood education on the demand for special education services.

Davies, A., Maich, K., & Belcher, C.  Intersections of disability and sexuality: Netflix’s special as a case study for important conversations.

Carroll, C., & Somma, M. Navigating transitions to post-secondary for students with disabilities.