What is the Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education?

Connections have been established, creating a strong group of renowned researchers in inclusive education at universities all across Canada. Although many Canadian scholars are involved in research that is directly related to inclusion, there has not been national voice for research in this area - until now.

By researching and sharing our findings with educators, relevant organizations and agencies across Canada and around the world, collectively we aim to empower teachers and others with the knowledge they need to be effective with all students, including those with exceptional needs.

The Beginning Teachers Study has been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). A variety of scholars from multiple disciplines related to education (equity and diversity, human rights, advocacy, disability studies and special education) across Canada are collaborating on the the important issue of creating competent and confident teachers for the inclusive classroom.

We are interested in the self-efficacy, beliefs and instructional practices of beginning teachers, identifying the factors that shape their development over time and in the context of their initial teaching experiences. Our intent is to follow beginning teachers throughout their program and beyond into their first years of teaching to determine how new teachers develop their practice to teach in our increasingly diverse classrooms.